Occupation Waitress
 Special Super Strength
 Cup Size Yuge
 Gender Female
 Age 36
 Hair Brown
 Eyes Blue
 H-Scenes 1. Hug

2. Drunk Asleep
8. Bunny Bar
9. Drunk Boobs
16. Breakfast
21. Town Booth
25. Trouble

Background Edit

Flora is the caretaker of her household, she has two daughters and raises the Protagonist like he was her own Son. Flora mainly works as a Waitress but lost her job just over a month before the start of the game, she has been trying to find work in the meantime but it seems things are going to get worse before they get better.

Personality Edit

Flora generally tries to be happy while around her Family tho this partly seems to be a facade as she has some worries and occassionally will even get drunk. Flora appears to a very supportive person and has a strong willpower, but even she has her limits.

Appearance Edit

Flora generally wears a white open crop top which is very visable with her very large breasts. Flora also has short brown hair with a pony tail and long bangs, as well as also having light blue eyes.

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