It's Magic!
 Quest Giver Scarlett
 Prerequisites None
 Day September 9th, 2044
 Next Quest None
 Rewards Hypnosis Level 1 unlocked

Description Edit

Your interest in magic might come in handy after all. Scarlett wants you to dig deeper into studying magic. She recommends checking out the school library.

Objectives Edit

1. Go to Harfort Library and find books about magic.
2. Study the magic book.

Walkthrough Edit

1. Go to the Library and check the bookshelf with a question mark above it
2. Go back to the Protagonist's bedroom and read the book
- requires 3 Knowledge and an entire period to read (time will advance!).

Additional Notes Edit

1. It is possible to get 3 Knowledge before Saturday with some luck from Claire. When studying with Claire there is a chance to get a +2 Knowledge increase instead of the normal +1. As you only have 2 chances to study with Claire prior, this chance needs to proc atleast once for it to be ready on Saturday morning. pp

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