Memory 1# Hug - Flora Edit

Unlocked By: Hugging Flora in the Prologue
Scene Description: The Protagonist hugs Flora with his face in her breasts. There is an option to grope her breasts.

Memory 2# Drunk Asleep - FloraEdit

Unlocked By: September , 2044 (Night)
Scene Description: Flora has come home drunk and collapsed on the sofa, there is an option to pull her bra down.

Memory 3# Pool - ClaireEdit

Unlocked by: September , 2044 (Morning) - School
Scene Description: As Claire is getting out of the pool, The protagonist notices her nipples showing through her swim suit.

Memory 4# Pool Footjob - Sofia & VioletEdit

Unlocked by: September , 2044 (Morning) - School
Scene Description: After running to the changing rooms after his embarrassment the Protagonist falls asleep and comes under the perverted intentions of Violet who convinces Sofia to join in.

Memory 5# tied to Chair - ZoeEdit

Unlocked By: Urgent Request #1
Scene Description: After being told to go to the Principles Office, The Protagonist is made to ejaculate on an tied down Zoe. There is an option to aim high or aim low.

Memory 6# Library sneeze - ClaireEdit

Unlocked by: Visiting Library at two separate times (Evenings or Weekends) after receiving a Text from Claire not to go there.
Scene Description: After being asked to stop by running away from the Protagonist, Claire seems to be uncomfortable and holding something back...

Memory 7# Cafe pussy - VioletEdit

Unlocked by: Completing Harassing the Harasser
Scene Description: Having fulfilled his side of the Deal, The protagonist demands to see Violet's pussy as per her agreement.

Memory 8# Bunny Bar - FloraEdit

Unlocked By: Progression in Flora No Longer a Bum
Scene Description: Flora has found a job in Gip's nightclub as a bunny girl but Neighbor Tom has taken a liking to her. There is an option to interrupt Tom's groping.

Memory 9# Drunk boobs - FloraEdit

Unlocked By: Completing Flora the Bum
Scene Description: After helping Flora out with her finances, Flora seems a bit more open to play than before.

Memory 10# Peephole - NatalieEdit

Unlocked By: progressing in Natalie's Peeping Tom Quest and the Hypno Natalie Quest Line
Scene Description: After buying the drill to try and find Neighbor Tom's porn stash, The protagonist instead finds a Voyeuristic dream. There are multiple events in this memory.
Hypnosis Training 1: Watch Natalie Masturbate from behind (Option to use Dildos)
Hypnosis Training 2: Watch Natalie Masturbate frontal (option to use Dildos)
Hypnosis Training 3: Session 1, Glory hole hand job, Session 2, Glory hole blow job
Hypnosis Training 4: Glory Hole Anal, Natalie manages to keep enough composure as Flora enters the room.
Look Through Peephole: See Natalie sleeping Naked

Memory 11# Tireswing - VioletEdit

Unlocked by: Completing the Wambulance Quest Line
Scene Description: Violet seems to be stuck on the tire swing and perhaps not for the first time. There are multiple events in this memory.
Help Session #1: The protagonist tries punching Violet out of the tire swing
Help Session #2: The protagonist uses cooking oil to lubricate Violet's butt and tries slapping her out
Help Session #3: This time Violet seems a bit in distress, it turns out Sofia has placed a Lollipop inside her vagina
Help Session #4: Alter-Ego is about and he wants pleasure, Alter-Ego enjoys the pleasures of Violet's Pussy.

Memory 12# Hypnosis - SofiaEdit

Unlocked By: Attend a Friday Class after having read Magic Book #1 (not Friday 10th, sept)
Scene Description: After following the suggestions of the Class, The protagonist orders Sofia to lick the first thing she sees, unfortunately that is him!

Memory 13# Hypnosis - VioletEdit

Unlocked By: Attend a Friday Class after having read Magic Book #2 and having unlocked Memory #12
Scene Description: After following the suggestions of the Class, the Protagonist orders Violet to try and lick her Breasts, as impossible as that maybe.

Memory 14# Roof Jump - ZoeEdit

Unlocked by: Progression in Back at Harfort
Scene Description: After seeing the girls gather at the front of the school, the Protagonist sees someone descending towards him fast and finds himself pinned by two mysterious round objects.

Memory 15# Hypnosis - ClaireEdit

Unlocked by: Attend a Friday Class after having read Magic Book #3 and having unlocked Memory #13
Scene Description: fter following the suggestions of the Class, the Protagonist orders Claire to try and Milk her breasts.

Memory 16# Breakfast - Natalie & FloraEdit

Unlocked By: Spending two Saturday mornings with Natalie and Flora
Scene Description: Natalie and Flora talk to the Protagonist while enjoying Saturday breakfast but Natalie has a fun game to play to see if her interest will get interested back.

Memory 17# Catfight - VioletEdit

Unlocked By: Progression in Catch that Pussy
Scene Description: After Mittens somehow gets into the Town Cafe, Violet and the Protagonist try to catch the cat but the ensuring fight leaves Violet in a state that she is more likely to catch a cold.

Memory 18# Basketball Butt - SofiaEdit

Unlocked By: Spending Time with Sofia (1st time)
Scene Description: The protagonist decides to take a second to Admire Sofia's Butt.

Memory 19# Flora (Town booth)Edit

Unlocked By: Progression in Blackmail #1
Scene Description: Being blackmailed into checking out a booth in town, The protagonist finds a huge pair of breasts ready to be played with. There are a couple of different options of how to play with them.

Memory 20# Walk - NicoleEdit

Unlocked by: Walking Nicole with a Romance of 2 or higher
Scene Description: The Protagonist decides to take Nicole for a walk
Walk 1: Nicole pisses her panties
Walk 2: Nicole asks the Protagonist to undo a Zipper
Walk 3: The protagonist stops Nicole pissing by using a Vibrator on her.

Memory 21# Selfie - ClaireEdit

Unlocked By: Completing Blackmail #2
Scene Description: It seems the blackmail has decided to reward the Protagonist with a lovely picture from Claire's phone...

Memory 22# Dorm - Sofia, Zoe & ClaireEdit

Unlocked By: Progression in Blackmail #2 and having an Charm of 20 or higher to enter the Dorm shower room
Scene Description: It appears the Harfort Dorm's shower room is currently in use and the occupants are looking for something.

Memory #23# Fingerblast - NatalieEdit

Unlocked By: Completing Switcheroo and going to the Bathroom in the Protagonist's Home at night as Alter Ego.
Scene Description: On seeing The protagonist enter the bathroom, Natalie suggests playing a game from school called "Fingerblast"

Memory 24# Hypnosis - NatalieEdit

Unlocked By: Completing Hypno Natalie #3
Scene Description: After trying to Hypnotize Natalie, The protagonist finds himself in an unusual body and feeling a bit Horny. There is options to use different toys.

Memory 25# Trouble - FloraEdit

Unlocked By: Date
Scene Description: It appears that Uncle Gip is being forceful with Flora when Gip notices the Protagonist enter the room. Gip is intent on undressing Flora and asks the Protagonist what he likes, removing Floras panties and potentially also her bra(breasts or both option will remove Bra). After This the Protagonist must decide if to stop gip or not.
Stop Gip: On stopping Gip, Flora will tell the Protagonist to rub his cock against her pussy.
Watch and Learn: Gip will finger and lick Flora's Pussy

Memory 26# Hole - SofiaEdit

Unlocked By: Progression in Missing Sippy
Scene Description: Sofia seems a bit more motivated by other girls in the hole, she knows what she wants and she is going to lick it, even if she isn't conscious. Holding out will result in Sofia sucking too.

Memory 27# Confessional - AiyanaEdit

Unlocked By: Completing Church in Need
Scene Description: Aiyana takes your confession in a rather unorthodox way, this scene varies slightly depending on if Futanari is enabled or not.

Memory 28# Lust toy - Violet & ClaireEdit

Unlocked By:Hire both Violet and Claire and have them work the same shift.
Scene Description:

Memory 29# Basketball Court - SofiaEdit

Unlocked By: Completing Satisfy Sippy
Scene Description: Sofia has been after a "loli" from her Mother, now she has one she will waste no time in licking it.

Memory 30# Spend time Together - SofiaEdit

Unlocked By: Increasing Romance with Sofia and then spending time with her
Scene Description: Sofia jumps during Basketball but ends up getting caught by the Protagonist
Event #1: The Protagonist sniffs Sofia's Pussy
Event #2: Sofia gives the Protagonist a hand job while he sniffs her
Event #3: Sofia and the Protagonist remove each other's bottoms and Sofia Licks the Protagonist
Event #4: Sofia and the Protagonist are naked and 69

Memory 31# Spend Time Together - ClaireEdit

Unlocked By: Increasing Romance with Claire and then spending time with her
Scene Description: After reading a book together Claire's curiosity seems to get the better of her.
Event #1: Claire asks the Protagonist to grope her breasts
Event #2: Claire gives the Protagonist a tit job with her shirt still on
Event #3: Claire removes her top and gives the Protagonist a more intense tit fuck

Memory #32 Spend Time Together - NatalieEdit

Unlocked By: Increasing romance with Natalie and then spending time with her
Scene Description: After watching a film recommended by Natalie, it feels time to play out the movie a little
Event 1: Natalie sits on the Protagonist
Event 2: The protagonist removes all but his boxers, Natalie decides to join with just her Panties
Event 3: The lights cut out and during the blackout the Protagonist is tricked by Natalie causing him to grope her breasts.
Event 4 Refuse: Natalie proposes sitting naked and while sitting decides to give the Protagonist a hand job
Event 4 Accept: Natalie proposes sitting naked and Alter-Ego will rub and finger Natalie
Event 5: Natalie asks the Protagonist to stick his cock in her Pussy. Accepting Alter-Egos help will increase the Protagonist's Penis size

Memory #33 - ZoeEdit

Unlocked By: increasing romance with Zoe and then spending time with her
Scene Description: The protagonist finds himself back in the dreamworld with Zoe on top of him, she decides to give him a handjob (inside the dream).

Memory #34 Classroom Hypnosis #2 - VioletEdit

Unlocked By: Attend a Friday Class after having read Magic Book #4 and having unlocked Memory #15
Scene Description: After a cat invades the class, it seems The protagonist accidentally orders a Hypnotized Violet to "Lick Your Pussycat"

Memory #35 Cooking Class - Scarlett Edit

Memory #36 Shook The Cook - Scarlett Edit

Memory #37 Spend Time Together - Violet Edit

Unlocked By: Increasing romance with Violet and then spending time with her
Scene Description:
Event 1: You ride a see-saw with Violet and her father
Event 2: You ride again a see-saw with violet and her father. Violet is naked.
Event 3: Vibrator is required in order to continue
Event 4:
Event 5:

Memory #38 Beach Date - Sofia Edit

Date Sofia at beach.

Memory #39 Bathroom Peek - Flora Edit

Peek Flora at Bathroom at night.

Memory # 40 Phòng tắm Peek - Nathie Edit

Nhìn Nathalie tại phòng tắm vào ban đêm.

Memory #41 Bathtub Handjob - Flora Edit

After #39 Bathroom Peek, continue to peek flora at bathroom at Night.

Memory #42 Lust Toys Hump - Violet Edit

Open Lust toys #28 Lust toy, Open Lust toy with Violet in staff.

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