Nickname Dumb Cow
 Occupation Student
 Special Inverted Nipples
 Likes Food
 Cup Size Bigly
 Gender Female
 Age 18
 Hair Brown
 Eyes Yellow
 H-Scenes 10. Peephole

16. breakfast
23. Fingerblast
24. Hypnosis
(Anal Sex)
32. Spend Time Together
(Vaginal Sex)

Background Edit

Natalie is Flora's youngest daughter and only a few minutes younger than the Protagonist. Natalie lives with Flora and the Protagonist in the Protagonist's house. Natalie also has an older sister called Nicole.

Natalie as a Student still attends university but is in a different facility to the Protagonist.

Personality Edit

Natalie is generally a happy but sometimes naive girl, knowing that she can be naive and dumb, Natalie also uses this to tease and flirt with the Protagonist. Natalie's interest in the Protagonist is clearly sexual in nature and she is very open with the Protagonist about this, even admitting to using Dildo's when her pussy itches.

On top of this Natalie even suggests games of a sexual nature to the Protagonist such as Fingerblast and strips her clothes off next to her unsuspecting mother to give the Protagonist a good view of herself.

Appearance Edit

Natalie is a generally happy girl and usually wears a checkered jumper and shorts with a silver pendant visible around her neck. Natalie ties her hair into pig tails with pig ribbons and has very large breasts.

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