Occupation Student
 Gender Male
 Hair Brown
 Eyes Brown
 Fuckable No

Background Edit

The Protagonist is a natural genius who is plagued by a split personality, the normal side that is timid and caring while the otherside (Alter Ego) is perverted and outgoing. While able to do many things the Protagonist tends to end out in trouble due to his Alter Ego personality. After getting in trouble at another establishment Alter Ego wonders across a creepy moving girl (Claire) that he proceeds to cum over. This is all noticed by Guard (may or may not be Scarlett) who was following Claire.

The next morning the Protagonist finds out he has been re-assigned to the all girl university, Harfort. Finding a box in his room he changes into his new lackluster brown uniform for his new Academy.

Personality Edit

While normal, The Protagonist shows a generally softer side and is more reserved in his actions and interactions with others, usually being willingly helpful and running errands for the girls. While seemingly innocent this side of the Protagonist still has a perverted side and can easily be turned on by girls, Alter Ego often tries to encourage this when he is able by either giving the Protagonist encouragement or in some cases by increasing the size of his Penis.

As Alter Ego, The Protagonist is less reserved in his actions and more eager to go after women. While Alter Ego is definitely more aggressive in his persuits than the Protagonist, he still has his limits and wouldn't forcifully do anything against anybody's will. Alter Ego being more outgoing is also more confident in what he does. The Protagonist also is known to hear voices from the Dungeon and is Eager to find out what would summon him while he sits in the Protagonists Sub-consciousness.

The two personalities can talk to each other and can be present while the other is active, this is most common when the normal personality is active as the normal personality generally is in control for longer.

Appearance Edit

The protagonist has brown hair and brown eyes, as the only male at Harfort he has a unique brown uniform that doesn't inspire imagination but will normally wear more casual clothes (player's choice) when not on a school day.

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