Nickname Sippy
 Occupation Student
 Special Athletic
 Likes Licking "stuff"
 Cup Size Bigly
 Gender Female
 Age 19
 Hair Green
 Eyes Green
 H-Scenes 4. Pool Footjob

12. Hypnosis
18. Basketball Butt
22. Dorm
26. Hole
(blow job)
29. Basketball Court
30. Spend time together

Background Edit

Sofia is a Student at Harfort and lives in the school's Dormitory. Little more is known about her background but it is inferred that her family is not as Wealthy as Violet's.

Personality Edit

Sofia has a generally nonchalant and friendly attitude towards others so long as Violet is not around, when Violet is around Sofia tends to join in on Violet's bullying and becomes less responsive to others. Sofia's main defining trait is always wanting to lick things, usually sucking a lollipop but also liking licking anything else. When given the right item, Sofia may let slip one of the reasons she likes Violet, which is that Sofia mistakes the Protagonist for being rich and immediately suggests being besties (so long as you don't tell Violet)

Outside of licking things and preferring rich friends, Sofia likes sporting activities and will often be found in the basketball court.

Appearance Edit

As Sofia is only generally found at school, she will normally be dressed in the school uniform but when school is out she will usually be found on the Basketball courts wearing a slightly skimpy sports outfit.

Sofia has green eyes, short green hair with a long tied back pony tail that reaches down to her thighs and has large breasts.

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