Nickname Princess (Spoiled Brat)
 Occupation Student


 Special Money Tree (Rich Parents)
 Likes Spending Money
 Cup Size Tiny
 Gender Female
 Age 19
 Hair Purple
 Eyes Purple
 H-Scenes 4. Pool footjob

5. Cafe Pussy
11. Tireswing (Vaginal Sex)
13. Hypnosis
17. Cat Fight
34. Hypnosis

Background Edit

Violet is from the same neighborhood as the Protagonist and originally a childhood friend but coming from a rich household and going to a different school has since become estranged. At Harfort, Violet now serves as the school president while studying there. Violet initially can also be found working in her father's cafe at evenings or at weekends as a method of paying for her education Harfort.

Personality Edit

Abrasive is the best way to describe Violet, she is very confrontational and prefers those who speak back to her. Violet has a tendency to be fairly hostile towards others which has caused her issues with other classmates such as Claire, The protagonists suggests that Violet may also be Jealous of Claire's large breasts.

Through conversation with Violet, it is apparent that Violet may have feelings or attraction to the Protagonists but due to her toxic personality is unable to confess it. Instead Violet bans any girls from touching the Protagonist while at school, a rule she quick breaks with Sofia after finding the Protagonist unconscious in the swimming pool changing rooms.

Appearance Edit

As the school president, Violet wears the Harfort school uniform normally with a red armband while present at the School. Outside of Harfort, Violet normally sports a white dress with a black ribbon tied around the waist.

Violet has purple eyes and ass long purple hair but a petite chest.

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