Occupation Student
 Special Pain Tolerance
 Likes Pain
 Cup Size Petite
 Gender Female
 Age 21
 Hair Grey
 Eyes Grey
 H-Scenes 5. Tied to Chair

14. Roof Jump
22. Dorm
(dream handjob)

Background Edit

Zoe is a student at Harfort Academy.

Personality Edit

With the protagonist initially meeting Zoe via her jumping off of Harfort Academy, it is safe to say that Zoe has suicidal thoughts and tendancies. Zoe generally doesn't show that much kindness to others and disbelieves that anybody cares about her, such as Claire. Because of this Zoe is often found near the roads of the city, even challenging the protagonist to a game of Chicken with on-coming traffic.

Apperance Edit

Zoe is a very pale girl with constant bags under her eyes and has a preference for Gothic clothing while not in school. Zoe has long ass Grey hair and Grey eyes with a generally depressed Demeanor. She also looks very cute when angry

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